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Vegan Junk Food Bar™ - the funky Fast Food revolution!

With headquarters in the Netherlands and a plethora of restaurants throughout Europe, Vegan Junk Food Bar™ does not only impress by creating colorful burgers, but also by implementing a very exciting concept overall. Find out here why locations like Vegan Junk Food Bar™ are the perfect alternative to the often questionable "plant-based" menu items in typical fast food outlets - and discover the company’s mission here! Today we’re speaking with the company's team.

Q: Hey guys, thanks so much for taking the time for our interview! From what we’ve seen and heard, Vegan Junk Food Bar™ is not only very popular with vegans, BUT also curious people outside this scope. What is your inspiration behind VJFB™?

A: From the growing urge to create a place where everyone could enjoy Vegan Junk Food together. Our first VJFB™ opened up in 2017 in the monumental Westside of Amsterdam, rapidly followed up by 4 (and counting) additional VJFB branches throughout the Netherlands and abroad!

Q: What would you consider your “main mission”?

A: VJFB™ has one goal in mind: We love the planet, and we have a strong belief that a sustainable plant-based lifestyle is the only ethical option. Plant-based alternatives prove to have the largest benefit for the planet and our health.

Q: Also, we love your “in yer face” - type of branding, which is very fresh, stylish and differs a lot from the way vegan restaurants usually market themselves. What was your intention here - and how well is it being received?

A: In a short amount of time, our innovative futuristic Junk Food got noticed, both online and offline. We are trendsetters, with a futuristic and innovative mindset. People love our sustainable Junk Food served in an easily accessible and enjoyable way without compromising on quality, taste and texture. And to be surrounded by a vibrant culture.

Q: Thankfully, there are quite a few VJFB branches in Europe! What made you choose Cologne as your German location, and can we (hopefully!) expect more Vegan Junk Food Bar™ in Germany soon?

A: We love Germany and Cologne is up and coming in many ways. It’s a great city to start our #EATFORTHEPLANET mission in Germany.

Q: Just out of curiosity: which food item on your amazing menu is the most popular? Is there even such a thing throughout the European branches?

A: The McCruelty Free Burger.

Q: Looking into the future, how do you see yourself in 5 years (just kidding!) Rather: What’s next for VJFB™ - and are your main goals for the near future? Worldwide expansion!

Q: Thank you again for this very insightful interview, and lots of continued success with Vegan Junk Food Bar™

A: Vielen Dank <3

Photo credits: Vegan Junk Food Bar™

Looking for more info? Then please check the official Vegan Junk Food Bar™ website or Instagram profile - and get inspired!

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